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ScanSet Specifications

The ScanSet package consists of two modules to convert any single point laser vibrometer into a scanning vibrometer. One contains the high precision laser scanning mirrors and the CCD camera. To ensure that the laser beam hits the mirrors in the proper location, the ScanSet offers linear slides to adjust the module and a clamp to lock the best position. The ScanSet is ideally suited to work with the OMS LaserPoint, but it can also be used with vibrometers from many other manufacturers. Please contact OMS for more details about laser vibrometer compatibility.

Scanset Specifications
Scanset Specifications

The controller includes a four channel data acquisition module, a video frame grabber, and the drivers and power supplies for the system. The controller is connected to the ScanSet with a single cable. The controller also has a USB port to connect to a laptop or desktop computer, which is used to set up the acquisition and to view the results.