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OMS Corporation Products


OMS Laser Point LP01 - The LaserPoint LP01 is an easy-to-use single point laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) for measuring vibrations of nearly any object. It requires no beam focusing and generally does not require any treatment of the surface to be measured. The compact and portable LDV allows users to quickly obtain reliable and accurate results in a cost-effective package. The standard LP01 can measure vibration frequencies up to 20 kHz, while the LP01-HF can measure vibration frequencies up to 100 kHz.
OMS Laser Scan LS01 - The LaserScan LS01 is a compact yet powerful scanning laser Doppler vibrometer (SLDV). The LaserScan LS01 includes everything required for a complete full-field measurement - the laser vibrometer, scanning mirrors, camera, data acquisition unit, signal generator, laptop computer, and software. Within minutes, the LaserScan LS01 can automatically scan hundreds of points to generate a 3-D animation illustrating the vibration of a structure.
VibroLaser ScanSet - OMS Corporation is the exclusive distributor of the VibroLaser ScanSet in the United States. The ScanSet is a hardware and software module that converts any single point laser Doppler vibrometer into a complete scanning vibrometer. It includes a set of scanning mirrors, camera, and software for the user to precisely define the scan area. The ScanSet will then automatically acquire, process, and display the measured velocity data. A set of mounting adapters are available to attach the ScanSet to any single point laser vibrometer.
vImpact Automatic Hammer - The new vImpact Automatic Modal Hammer provides precise and repeatable impact excitation for experimental modal analysis. Its precise operation eliminates "double hits" and takes the variability of human operation out of testing. With excitation up to 40 kHz in frequency, the vImpact hammer is highly suitable for laser vibrometer as well as acoustic experiments. The system consists of three components: a hammer head, a control unit, and an interconnect cable. The hammer can be operated manually, automatically with an internal timer, or automatically with an external trigger source.
OMS Multi-Beam Vibrometer - OMS Corporation is the only company offering a multi-beam laser vibrometer solution. OMS can produce a custom multi-beam vibrometer with up to 31 beams that can make simultaneous vibration measurements of a target. The Multi-Beam Vibrometer is the only solution for transient or non-reproducible vibration events, and also can be significantly faster than a single beam scanning solution. Please contact OMS to discuss your Multi-Beam Vibrometer requirements.
OMS Custom Vibrometers - OMS Corporation can design custom laser vibrometers to meet your measurement needs. Examples include specifying a particular laser wavelength, or a specific target distance or frequency range. OMS Corporation can also package multiple single point systems into a custom package. Please contact OMS to discuss your custom laser vibrometer requirements.