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ScanSet Features

Turn any single point LDV into a complete scanning laser vibrometer!

OMS is the exclusive distributor in the United States for the VibroLaser ScanSet. The ScanSet is an innovative and cost-effective solution to convert any single point LDV into a complete scanning laser Doppler vibrometer system.

Scanset Features
Scanset Features

The ScanSet package includes a mirror set, camera, data acquisition module, software, quick release clamps to attach several brands of laser vibrometers, and easy-to-use translation stages to accurately position the vibrometer in relation to the scanning mirrors. The user-friendly software acquires high-quality video from the camera, and allows the user to precisely specify the areas to be scanned. The data acquisition module includes four input channels as well as an output channel that can be used to drive an excitation signal.

The system then automatically acquires the velocity data from each measurement point, and provides many methods to visualize the results, including Operation Deflection Shapes, FFTs, Frequency Response Functions, and many more. The data can also be exported for analysis with other software programs, or linked with the integrated optional modal analysis package.