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OMS Services

Measurement Services

The engineering team at OMS can perform a variety of vibration tests and experiments in our well-equipped laboratories. The OMS labs feature a variety of single point, scanning, and multi-beam laser vibrometers, along with supporting equipment such as shakers, piezo-electric transducers, accelerometers, waveform generators, and data acquisition hardware. Our experienced team can provide a fast and efficient solution to your vibration measurement needs. Please contact us at 949-916-4111 or by e-mail at info@omscorporation.com to discuss your measurement requirements.

Product Rentals

OMS offers rentals of both its single point laser vibrometer (LaserPoint LP01) and its scanning vibrometer (LaserScan LS01). If you have a short-term requirement for a laser vibrometer, or the need for a quick acquisition cycle, the rental of an OMS laser vibrometer may be an excellent solution. Please contact us at 949-916-4111 or by e-mail at info@omscorporation.com to discuss our rental options

Custom Data Acquisition and Software

OMS can assist with your data acquisition and signal processing requirements. Our hardware and software team has years of experience in acquiring signals from vibrometers, accelerometers, and many other types of transducers. Our team can work with you to analyze and interpret your data, using software tools such as LabView and MatLab, or can deliver a custom software application to meet your specific requirements.

OMS Calibration

OMS offers calibration services to verify the accurate performance of your OMS laser vibrometer over time. OMS recommends a calibration of the system at least every two years.

A complete calibration service includes:

  • Optimization of the alignment of all optical components
  • Verification of system performance over the full range of frequencies and velocities
  • Checking the performance of all front panel filters
  • Verification of the vibrometer output with calibrated accelerometers
  • A calibration certificate specifying the calibration constants of the vibrometer

Please contact calibration@omscorporation.com for more information about the calibration services offered by OMS.