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OMS LaserPoint LP01 Laser Vibrometer Accessories

The following accessories are available for the OMS LaserPoint LP01:

LaserPoint Tripod
The LaserPoint Tripod

Heavy Duty Tripod – This black anodized aluminum tripod from Manfrotto is recommended for maximum stability and flexibility. This tripod allows rapid height adjustments, quick locking, and easy portability. The tripod head allows pan and tilt operation, and features a quick snap-in/release for the vibrometer.

LaserPoint Cable
The LaserPoint Cable

Extended Cable – For those customers who require longer distances between the laser head and the control box, OMS offers extended cables with lengths up to 5 meters.

LaserPoint Data Acquisition System
LaserPoint Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition Systems – OMS offers two data acquisition systems from National Instruments with the LaserPoint. The first is a portable 4-channel, 100 kS/sec system, and the second offers 8 channels and sampling rates up to 400 kS/sec. Both operate through a USB 2.0 port.

LaserPoint Software
LaserPoint LP01 Software

Software – OMS offers some basic software to acquire the vibrometer data, perform FFTs, and convert the received signals to units of velocity, acceleration, and displacement.

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